Telephone Number for HSF Assist

As this service is only available to our policyholders, the telephone number is not available on this website. If you do belong to HSF health plan, just follow the steps below to access the number.

Step 1
1. Go to MyPolicy & Sign In

Step 2
2. Click on Benefits box

Step 3
3. Click on HSF Assist download link

A5 brochure4. Download flyer with telephone number

Sign into MyPolicy, select ‘Benefits’ and then click on the link to download your HSF Assist flyer. The number is displayed on the front of the flyer.

*The flyer is also supplied as part of the HSF health plan welcome pack.

A5 Flyer

As well as displaying the number to access HSF Assist, the A5 flyer contains detailed information on a number of the services provided. Please follow the steps above to download it.